I believe that the meaning of life is to spread love. To spread love into every corner where fear, hate and human suffering reigns.

I define leadership as empowering others to spread love. Which in turn leads to the trust, caring and well-being that creates successful, productive individuals and organizations.

Being and doing

I believe a successful leadership embraces both BEING and DOING.

Being is about who you are, what you stand for, your values and beliefs.

Doing is the practical, proven skills that you apply every day in your leadership to make a difference.

I teach both aspects, being and doing, in my work with individuals, teams and organizations.

Study, Practice, Teach

I have borrowed this part of my personal philosophy from Jim Rohn, one of my teachers.

I believe it is easier for us to earn the trust and respect of others when we first study something, learn something new.

Then we practice is it in our own life and leadership so it becomes a part of us. Then we teach it to better the work, productivity and life of others.

Anything I teach I have personally studied and then practiced so I know by own experience that it works.