Ok, so lets clarify right away that it was not a major crash in any way, some cuts and bruises only (and slightly momentarily battered self-confidence), but it provided some major lessons upon reflection. 

I realize that I am probably a bit of a learning (and teaching) nerd, but my first thought after the crash, after checking that all bones and joints were still in their right places, was to ask myself: "What happened here?", "What can I learn from it?" and finally "How can I use that in the future?".

Leadership is influence. Leadership is a mandate you are given in a relationship that allows you to influence the other person.

However, there is a definite prerequisite for leadership to happen. That is, there first needs to be contact.

Without that initial contact no leadership is possible.

So the first task of the leader is to create contact. This contact has two different aspects. 

In the midst of recording videos for the English translation of our highly appreciated distance learning for leaders, I had a little break and got inspired to share 3 quick questions with you.

The three questions in this short video, that you ask yourself before giving somebody feedback, will make a huge difference in whether your feedback has the desired effect or not.

In updating one of our company web sites I stumbled upon a video I recorded a few years back about five quick tips for better communication in your leadership. I recorded it first in Swedish and then in English. 

The Swedish version we promoted here and there and it has been on of our most watched clips on YouTube, but this English one was sort of lost in the archives as we forgot to post it more visibly.

My wife is currently in the process of starting a school and the other night we were sitting in our sofa at home talking about kids and leadership.

We talked about what we would like to instill in the children in the school when it comes to leading themselves and others.

Shaver as a source to learn about life and leadershipAbout two weeks ago I bought a new shaver. Lets take a deeper look at this seemingly somewhat trivial experience of acquiring a new machine to groom my face to see what we can learn about life and leadership from it. 

First I went through several sites online reading through reviews of different shavers, both from so called experts and everyday users. I like evaluating things before I make a decision, I like the fact that today's Internet has allowed us to share reviews with each other in a much more rapid way.

Life lesson: Evaluate by getting the opinion and views of others who have done it previously before you get yourself into a new kind of endeavour.

The last few days I have been spending some time playing a new game on my smartphone. The game is called Real Racing 3 and is a lot of fun, but this is not meant to be a game review, it is meant to help you become a better leader and person, to help you on the path to mastery.

I just started playing the game and quickly got better at driving my different cars through various races on well known tracks that the game enters you into. You could say my level of skill was steadily improving. The game has several assists turned on intially to help new drivers stay on track (so to speak), like break assist that helps with breking, stearing assist that helps with the steering etc.

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